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Systemise and automate your plumbing and heating business.
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Proven to save you time, get more organised and make more profit.
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Who is this programme for?

Are working around the clock to keep on top of everything
Keep losing track of jobs and end up letting your customers down
Lose out on jobs because you can’t get quotes out fast enough
Struggle to get online reviews
Constantly need to communicate with your team for job updates.
Spend all day filling out long winded forms
Don’t understand which jobs make you the most money
Have cash flow issues because customers don’t pay on time
This is me, I want to join the list
8 week programme

What's included in the programme?

ServiceM8 System Setup
We do all the hard work for you and set up the essential settings to suit a plumbing and heating business.
Professionally Branded Documents
We’ll professionally brand your documents and install numerous quotes and invoice templates.
Customer Automation Journey
Impress your customers and save you loads of time with a fully automated customer journey.

Job Stage 
Cut out pointless communication between the team and never forget about a job again.
Job Documentation and Gas Forms
Gas forms designed by a heating engineer, are proven to save time and sell more boilers. 
Business 'KPI' 
Keep track of sales and which jobs or staff members make you the most profit .
call center agent
Online Booking and Call Handling Forms 
Allow customers to book their own jobs online and help your team handle calls more consitently.
On-site Boiler 
Quoting Tool
Accurately price boiler installations and create a material list, on-site and sell more boilers.
payment terminal
On-site Payment Facility
Cut out non-payers by taking on- site card payments through Stripe – no card reader required.
Integration with Accounting Package
Integrate with your accounting package and make bookkeeping a breeze.
email marketing
Email Marketing Integration
Automatically send your customer’s details to Mailchimp to make after sales marketing quick and easy.
Training & Live 
Q&A Sessions
You’ll be provided with all the training you need to hit the ground running. 
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“My google reviews increased by 30% in one month”
“I spent years trying to grow my Google reviews. Once I had my system set up by FlowState my Google reviews went up by 30% in one month.

My customers are having such a good experience that when they receive the automated review request message, they really want to leave one.

I can’t recommend getting on this programme enough, it’s made such a big difference to my business”
“I’m selling more boilers than ever before”
"Since I completed the Boiler Succcess Programme my boiler sales have gone through the roof. 

Customers are clearly impressed with the automated emails and text messages and because I'm able to produce on-site quotes I'm booking the jobs in and ordering the materials there and then. 

It's saving me loads of time, and helping me to make more money. It's been absolutely game changing."
grant chaney 1600 x 900
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“Running the business used to be hell but now it runs itself”
" I used to be pulled from pillar to post trying to manage by business. Since having my business system set up by FlowState it's so much easier to keep on top of. 

The office staff aren't making as many mistakes and are now upselling additional services. We're making more profit and I have fewer headaches. 

This program is so worth the investment, my business is running smoother than ever and I now have the confidence to grow."

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