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Boiler Success Programme 
Terms and Conditions

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A copy of the following terms and conditions will be sent to you for you to sign once you have purchased the Boiler Success Programme.


‘You’, ‘Your’ - Anyone within or connected to the organisation of «job.company_name».
‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘Our’, ‘FlowState’ - Anyone within or connected to the organisation of FlowState Consultancy LTD.
‘Programme’ - Boiler Success Programme.
‘Set-up’ - The predetermined ServiceM8 set-up that we install as part of the Boiler Success Programme.
‘System’ - ServiceM8 Software as a whole.

What are the costs

The total cost of the Boiler Success Programme is £1500 plus VAT.

This cost covers the services set out below.

Should you disagree to these terms and conditions and no longer wish to proceed with the programme then let us know immediately and we shall refund you the balance you have paid.

Should you wish to cancel the programme once you have agreed to these terms and conditions and work has begun on the installation then the balance is non-refundable.

Additional costs for additional products and services will be quoted for separately outside of this programme.
What the Boiler Success Programme includes

The programme you have purchased is a pre-determined ServiceM8 set-up. The programme includes the installation of the pre-determined set-up, 90-day access to a training video library and 4x 1 hour Zoom sessions.

The set-up is broken down into 3 phases and includes –

Phase 1

- Setting up of preferences within ServiceM8 to match your company details.
- Activation of necessary ‘Add On’s within ServiceM8 to suit your industry.
- Creation of branded documents with your logo and up to 5 accreditation logos.
- Installation of 4 x invoice templates and 3x quote templates.
- Installation of 6 ServiceM8 Forms. These are -

- Domestic Gas Appliance Service/Condition Report (CP-6)
- Domestic Landlords Gas Safety Certificate (CP-12)
- Domestic Gas Warning Notice (CP-14)
- Job Report Form
- Gas Appliance Parts Order/Price Request Form
- Boiler Installation Completion Report (Quality Control)

- Installation of pre-determined automated email and text templates. These are –

- Booking confirmation
- Booking reminder
- Quote follow up
- Payment follow up
- After job ‘check-in’
- Review request
- Boiler Service reminder

- Installation of pre-determined manual email templates. These are –

- Deposit invoice template
- Invoice template – with no card payment link
- Invoice template – with card payment link
- Materials order – to be collected
- Materials order – to be delivered to job
- Materials order – to be delivered to office
- Reactive parts price request
- Reactive parts order – to be collected
- Reactive parts order – to be delivered to office

- Installation of 9 Industry specific Job Categories.
- Installation of 5 private customer and 5 rental property job templates which have job card information already filled out. These are –

- Bathroom installations
- Boiler installations
- Boiler servicing (private customers)
- Fault diagnosis and repairs
- Landlords gas safety certificates (rental property)
- Standard jobs

- Installation of 13 job queues to help keep your business organised.
- 1 hour Zoom training session which will be relevant to phase 1 of the installation.

Phase 2

- Installation of ServiceM8 Services which can be used as online booking forms, call handling questionnaires and onsite quoting tools. The services that are installed are –

- Boiler servicing
- Fault diagnosis – Boiler, heating and hot water issues
- Free boiler quote survey
- Landlords gas safety certificate
- Smart thermostat installations
- System cleaning

- Assistance with connecting Stripe to your ServiceM8 account so that you’re able to take card payments online.
- 1 hour Zoom session which will be relevant to phase 2 of the installation.

Phase 3

- On-site boiler quoting tool
- 1 hour Zoom session which will be relevant to phase 3 of the installation.

Things you should know

Specific Changes and alterations you wish to make to the set-up

The package doesn’t include specific changes that you wish to make to the set-up to make it suit your business.

Some changes can be made by yourself and some changes must be made by us.

Changes that can be made by you

We provide you with training (in the form of pre-recorded videos or articles) which will teach you how to make specific changes and adjustments to the set-up to suit you and your business.

Should you wish for us to make changes on your behalf then we shall provide you with an estimation of costs to make the specific changes you require.

Please get in contact with us by following the ‘How to contact us process’ found below to discuss your options.

Changes that can’t be made by you

Due to the complexity of coding within document templates such as forms, quotes and invoices, changes that need to be made to these documents must be made by us.

We shall provide you with as estimation of costs should you wish to make specific changes to the document templates.

Please get in contact with us by following the ‘How to contact us process’ found below to discuss your options.

Training and additional support

Training on how to use the set-up

Included within the programme is 90-day access to a video training portal which has been created by us. The purpose of the training portal is to educate you on how to use the set-up and be able to make adjustments to suit your business. It is not intended to teach you how to use ServiceM8 and all of the features that the software has to offer.

ServiceM8 Learning Roadmap

We also recommend that you complete ServiceM8’s learning roadmap. This explains in more detail the features that Servicem8 has to offer as a whole. This is a free resource provided by ServiceM8 and comes with additional bonuses for completing their training.

Training on each installation phase on a Zoom meeting

At the end of each phase of the installation we will hold a Zoom session to answer any questions that are relevant to the phase your installation is currently in. This may be in a group setting depending on what installation phase other clients are in. We have found that group sessions can be more resourceful as questions may be asked that others didn’t think to ask.

Additional one to one training

Should you wish to have dedicated, one to one training on each phase or you need further training to learn how to use ServiceM8 then we can provide you with additional training, this will be charged as an additional service outside of the programme. Please get in contact with us by following the ‘How to contact us process’ found below to discuss your options.

Your responsibility

It is your responsibility to ensure that you commit the time to the training provided. By not completing the training in full you’re likely to not use the set-up correctly. We cannot be held responsible if you fail to complete the training and then fail to make the correct use out of the set-up.

If something doesn’t work as expected

Technology doesn’t always work as expected. This can be down to a number of different reasons, which includes, but is not limited to, human error, installation glitches and server errors, ServiceM8 system glitches.

It’s important to know that we cannot be held responsible or be liable for any costs or damages incurred to you as a result of something not working correctly.

If something isn’t working as expected then please get in contact with us as soon possible by following the ‘How to contact us’ process found below.

We shall assist you with fixing the issue but there are certain circumstances that need to be taken into consideration.

If something doesn’t work due to an installation error/glitch on our behalf

Sometimes, errors can occur during the installation process due to no fault of our own. If this situation occurs, we will fix the issue at no extra cost within the first 90 days after the installation has been completed.

If something doesn’t work due to reason which is outside of our control

If the reason something isn’t working correctly is not due an error or glitch from our installation then any time spent supporting you to fix the issue shall be chargeable.

Circumstances where this will be applied include, but is not limited to –

- Incorrect use of the ServiceM8 software from anyone within your organisation.
- Errors made by you whilst making changes and adjustments to the set-up and system.
- ServiceM8 Software glitches and Server errors.

Charges for such work will be charged in half an hour increments.

Things to look out for

It is your responsibility to ensure that all of the details used in your ServiceM8 set-up are true and correct. Please pay particular attention to the areas listed below and be aware that the suggested areas are not exhaustive and are suggestions only -

- ServiceM8 Preferences – Company name, Email Address, Website, Mobile number, Phone number, Company address, VAT number, operating hours.
- ServiceM8 Document Templates – Bank Account Name, Sort code, Account number, VAT number, Company registration number.
- Automation – Bank details found in the payment follow up. Review links found in the review request follow up.
- Email templates – Bank details found within invoice email templates.
- Forms – Gas safe numbers found on Landlords Gas Safety Certificate, Service/Maintenance Checklist, Gas Warning Notice.

How to contact us

Our normal working hours are Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm.

Our preferred method to be contacted is via email. Please email us at [email protected]. We check our emails twice a day, so expect a response within 24 hours.

Should your matter be more urgent you may send us a direct message via WhatsApp on +447747482423. Please understand that due to our own time management your message may be read but we might not reply immediately.

In your message, please describe what it is you need support with in detail and if something isn’t working correctly, let us know how urgent it is to your business. This will help us prioritise your issue.

Should you call us directly on the number found above, your call will not be answered. The reason we do not answer calls is because of the complexity of our work. Phone calls cause distractions and can lead to errors. We prefer to schedule calls so that we can prevent such issues from occurring. It also helps us manage our time and allows us to focus on you and your business.

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