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Professionals Package

£900.00 + VAT

The Professional package is designed for business owners who need the foundations in place to help them grow. From a fully automated customer journey and professionally branded documents through to advanced job stage management and gas certificates sell boilers for you. This package is the first step to levelling up your business.

Most trades businesses fail in the first five years, that's because they lack the systems, procedures and the foundations required to survive. This package will give you the tools you need to help you avoid being part of that statistic.

  • Everything from the Essentials package
  • Advanced job stage management
  • Professionally branded documents
  • Advanced automated customer journey
  • Advanced Domestic Gas forms package
  • Industry specific KPI tracking
  • 30 days FREE access to our training portal

What’s included with the Professional Package

Getting the foundations in place

There are lots of things that need to be in the right place to ensure the system works in the most efficient way.

Many features exist within the system that need to activated and set up correctly. As part of our build process we’ll activate everything that is relevant to the plumbing and heating industry and with the information you provide us, we’ll fill in the blanks and connect the dots for you.
servicem8 job app
gas forms and quotes with perspective 1000 wide

Professionally branded and consistent documents

Showcasing your professionalism and leaving a lasting impression is crucial when it comes to winning over customers. Trust is the key to expanding your business, acquiring glowing reviews, and securing frequent referrals.

To enhance your professional image, we create personalized quotes, invoices, job documents, and gas certificates designed exclusively for your business. These documents will feature your logo, certifications, and be color-coordinated to align with your brand.

Your customers will be pleasantly surprised to see you presenting your very own branded documents, leaving a memorable mark of professionalism.

Multiple quotes and invoices

Having control over what your customer see’s is extremely important. Sometimes you don’t mind them seeing a breakdown of everything your charging and how much each individual thing costs but sometimes you might not want them Googling everything to see if they can get it cheaper.

To overcome this challenge we provide you with numerous different layouts which will give you full control over what your customer will see.

There are as follows:

  • Full breakdown
  • Partial breakdown
  • No breakdown
quotes and invoices
gas forms with perspective

Domestic gas forms and reports

Too many companies treat form filling as a box ticking exercise and fail to see the long-term value of what high quality forms can bring to the business.

First of all, all of your forms have been designed by gas engineer/business owner with 3 core goals in mind.

  1. Efficiency to complete
  2. Aiding the internal business processes
  3. Help educate customers to win more work.

Included in this package you will receive advanced forms that do exactly that.

  • Landlords Gas Safety Certificate
  • Boiler Service Certificate
  • Gas Warning Notice
  • Job Report Form
  • Parts Ordering Form
  • Boiler Installation Quality Control Form

Job stage management pipeline

We’ve all had jobs slip through to net at some point in our business journey. With 100’s of jobs flowing through your business with a month it’s no wonder.

To solve this problem, we install a job stage management pipeline that allows your team to store incomplete jobs into a specific folder ready for the action to be taken by whoever is responsible.

Work through a clear list of outstanding work, remove bottle necks and have your jobs flow through your business more efficiently than ever before.

Most importantly, a job will never slip through the net ever again!

job queues
confirmation sms

Automated customer journey

Our fully automated customer journey will help you stand out from the crowd by a country mile!

From booking confirmations that explain what they can expect from you and what you expect from them, quote follow ups that re-engage your customers and get sales over the line, payment follow ups that will chase outstanding debts and get you paid faster to Online review requests that work!

Here's what you get as part of this package

  • Booking confirmation email and SMS
  • Booking reminder email and SMS
  • 5 step quote follow up process
  • 5 step payment follow up process
  • Check in SMS
  • Online review request email and SMS
  • Boiler Service reminder email and SMS
  • Landlords Gas Safety reminder email

KPI tracking and reporting

In order to know if your business is hitting the goals you’ve set you have to measure KPI’s.

As part of this package we’ll install industry specific categories which will create reports to tell you how much revenue a specific job type has generated and how many of those jobs you’ve completed over a given time period.

When equipped with this knowledge you’ll be able to make better business decisions, plan for future marketing and measure the performance of past marketing.

kpi tracking
job templates

Job templates and email templates to maximise efficiency

To maximise the efficiency of your job booking process and to minimise mistakes we’ll install a number of job templates that will automatically fill in the blanks for you.

From job descriptions, pricing, KPI tracking, automations and more. At a click of a button you and your team will have everything in the right place ready for you to just schedule the job straight into the diary.

On top of that, we also install a number of email and SMS templates that automatically populate quote and invoice emails, material orders and many more.

30 days free access to an online training portal

To help you and your team learn how to use our setup we’ve created an online training portal with over 30 videos to learn from.

Everything is broken down into ‘easy to digest’ modules so that the learning is layered helping you and your team hit the ground running and reduce the learning curve.

online training
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Optional extras

As a Professional Package Customer you get exclusive discounts on other products and Addons

Commercial Gas Forms

If you carry out commercial gas work then you’ll need some commercial gas forms.

This package includes

  • CP15 - Plant Commissioning/Servicing Record
  • CP16 - Gas Testing and Purging Form
  • CP44 - Mobile Catering Vehicle/Trailer Safety Record

Total cost: £200 plus VAT (Total value: £285 plus VAT)

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Oil Gas Forms

If you carry out Oil work then you’ll need some Oil forms.

This package includes

  • CD10 – Oil Firing Installation Completion Report
  • CD11 – Oil Firing Servicing & Commissioning Report
  • CD12 – Landlord Oil Installation Check
  • CD14 – Warning and Advice Notice
  • T1/133D Domestic Oil Storage Tank Spillage and Fire RISK ASSESSMENT

Total cost: £350 plus VAT (Total value: £425 plus VAT)

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oil forms
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